William Bourassa Bennett

Film, Media & Interactive Music Composer




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I have three passions in my life: music, great stories and creating.

Movies, shows, books and games; they all have the power to transport us to another world and allow their creators to share their imagination and great stories, with others.


Since childhood I would draw comics, make up game books and even create tabletop games from scratch. In middle school and high school, I’d spend every break filming random movies with my friends. I later learned to program and spent all my free time coming up with ideas for “the perfect video game”. I knew I had to create, that it was somehow going to be a major part of my life.


I had piano lessons since I was in elementary school. In fifth grade I played a composition of mine at a small concert organized by the school, and in sixth grade, I had another composition of mine played by my class at the year-end concert. Then came band practice, where I loved every single instrument and the power of a well-directed ensemble (even when played by middle-schoolers). That’s when I became obsessed with orchestral music. I began creating music for the short movies we would film, spending hours writing pieces as a score for an imaginary film.


Music has the power to create vivid emotions out of thin, vibrating air. Every piece of music tells a story, and every story deserves the right music. And that’s why I’m here.

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Boston, Massachusetts, USA


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