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About Me

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I have three passions in my life: music, great stories and creating.

Movies, shows, books and games; they all have the power to transport us to another world and allow their creators to share their imagination and great stories, with others.


Since childhood I would draw comics, make up game books and even create tabletop games from scratch. In middle school and high school, I’d spend every break filming random movies with my friends. I later learned to program and spent all my free time coming up with ideas for “the perfect video game”. I knew I had to create, that it was somehow going to be a major part of my life.


I had piano lessons since I was in elementary school. In fifth grade I played a composition of mine at a small concert organized by the school, and in sixth grade, I had another composition of mine played by my class at the year-end concert. Then came band practice, where I loved every single instrument and the power of a well-directed ensemble (even when played by middle-schoolers). That’s when I became obsessed with orchestral music. I began creating music for the short movies we would film, spending hours writing pieces as a score for an imaginary film.


Music has the power to create vivid emotions out of thin, vibrating air. Every piece of music tells a story, and every story deserves the right music. And that’s why I’m here.

Music Experience

Watching a Movie

Film Music

A passion for both story-telling and music is what inspired William to pursue story-telling through music, as well as collaborating with people to tell a good story through film.

Interactive Music

Making music that can be interacted with means everybody has a different experience - And that is the goal of music : to create an experience.

Public Performances of Original Music

Four pieces have been publicly played by three different orchestras.


Orchestre du Septième Art

Valse des Rêves


Orchestre Symphonique des Jeunes de Sherbrooke



Mitchell-Montcalm Orchestra & Choir

Winter Morning

C'est Noël (It's Christmas)

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